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"Without predators, the herd sizes grew rapidly. The BLM rounded up horses periodically to reduce the herd sizes and offered the mustangs for adoption at low prices. Some of the mustangs rounded up were crippled, old or ugly not the kind people wanted to adopt. More and more unwanted horses ended up in BLM long term holding pastures, where the agency is obligated to care for them until they die. The tough little mustangs often live into their 30s." here is the essence of the lie the mass

media keeps repeating sans evidence. Predators aren't the only population control drought, stress induced infertiility caused by BLM roundups are others. It is impossible they are overpopulating ! All the stallions in BLM holding have been gelded. We don't need a horse whisperer to lure them into extinction with PZP. We

There is nothing "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" new in the sad story of the last elder being pushed off ancestral land because they "Anabolika Definition" are in the way of some corporate profiteer. Usually it is strip mining, fracking, cattle grazing behind the bulldozers flattening someone's home or hogan. Here it is likely not sheep overgrazing that was really the issue. Traditionals know quite well how to live in harmony with their ancestral land without overgrazing like modern corporate exploiters who leave behind in their wake nothing but Wasteland and tainted water. Thing Testosterone Enanthate Vs Trenbolone Acetate how absurd it is that the Park Service doesn't want the sight of someone who still lives in sacred harmony with Mother Earth to detract from the sight of a monument to that vanishing outlook ! Having just come from Easter, Testosterone Cypionate Half Life Chart that is the equivalent of someone running off "Anadrol 50" the last Christian living near the Tomb in order to sell tickets to tourists ! One suspects that what is really behind running this story is not sympathy with this woman but part of the media's current interest in dramatizing the conflict between public lands and private profiteers. Since the mainstream media is owned by the latter, you can guess where their real sympathies lie !

this movie has a behind the scenes story which Hollywood would prefer you not t know: Doc Bloch co owner of Mine That Bird testified in favor of opening a horse slaughter plant, Valley Meats, in Roswell New Mexico. It was to be located very close to where Mine That Bird was stabled ! Mr. Allen producer of this movie has sworn he will make a public statement denouncing horse slaughter but has yet to do so ! The race horse industry is one of the cheif engines driving the push to resume horse slaughter in the United States so they can dispose of horses whom they think will not make them money on the race track. Who pays for their irresponsibility ? The horses who suffer a terrifying transport to slaughter and the entire country who looks the other way at this hypocritical industry which pretends to elevate the horse by making movies about winners like Mine That Bird while degrading all the horses who are "losers" to the level of being valued as nothing more than pounds in a butcher's scales ! Shame on Jim Wilson for portraying Doc Blach as a hero when he knows him to be a profiteer. Blair Dunn to claim that the New Mexico Environment Department is reacting to pressure from the Humane Society of the United States ! The recommendation comes on the heels of years of Rick deLos Santos flouting New Mexico law by refusing to clean up carcasses and by allowing blood lagoons to overflow. Would it not be common sense to assume that the same would continue under de Los Santos? The problem would be worse if horse were slaughtered there because there would be a greater volume of "Oxandrolone Powder India" blood and contaminated with toxins not found in cattle as horses are not expected to end up in the food chain and therefore given medications banned in cattle. Attorney General Gary King is doing exactly what he swore an oath to do: uphold the laws of New Mexico which de Los Santos insists on breaking ! Sara Jenkins apparently does not realize that de Los Santos claimed to be aiming at transporting horses from Canada for slaughter. So his plant would hardly be a "solution" to long range transport of horses to slaughter now would it, Sara ?

My good friend Shane Destry might begin by pointing out that for someone whose generic doctorate is "Science" (?!!!) there is absolutely no scientic evidence cited for this mythology that Winstrol Tablets Price there is a wild horse overpopulation at all ! Therefore the entire premise of the argument is discredited at the outset. Cattle are the invasive species which have been introduced long after the wild horses and are the real reason the corrupt BLM has been driving them off their home ranges. Cattle grazing permits generate money for the BLM. Wild horses do not therefore they are "in the way", like the bison before them. This entire "invasive species" mythology and psuedoscience can be reduced to the following reality: what is profitable to corporations, opening public lands to cattle grazing and fracking, determines which species are considered "invasive" and which are "indigenous". Coporate greed not real science is the unseen hand driving all these brutal roundups, period. Jim "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" Jones is puzzled that horse meat isn't available in his local supermarket and insists that the reason for this must be emotional not "scientific" as he would know with his Doctorate in "Science" ! The reason is quite scientific :

the FDA classifies horses as a non food species because they contain toxic drug residues and often test positive for toxoplasmosis. Hopefully this ends your alleged puzzlement. The second reason is legal: wild horses are protected by law from being rounded up for slaughter. That should clarify things for you Jim Jones !

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